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Olive Green Veteran Honor Pen
Olive Green Veteran Honor Pen

Olive Green Veteran Honor Pen

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Made from the Honor Guard Brass from the service of your loved one. Top is hand turned wood, dyed to match the service color. Free two lines of engraving up to 20 characters per line.
Part Number: vet-olive-green
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  • Made from the brass fired by the honor guard.
  • Ball Point Pen
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Two lines engraving: 20 characters/spaces per line max.
  • Optional: engraved wood box +$20
  • If you need more pens than you have brass, purchase "Additional Pens" made from our in stock brass.
Service Affiliation (you may order any colors you prefer):
  • Red: USMC
  • Dark Blue: Navy, Police
  • Light Blue: Air Force, Coast Guard, Police
  • Tan: Army, USMC, Police
  • Black: Army, USMC, Police
  1. Pens can only be made from brass that is 30 caliber. Please call if there are any questions.
  2. Not all brass may be usable. Just because there were 21 casings from the 21 gun salute doesn't mean they are all useable. Some may have been destroyed when they were fired. We can initially determine this through texting and pictures.
  3. Sometimes brass will discolor when fired due to heat during the firing process. This is considered normal.
  4. By sending the brass casings to the Shallus Pen Company (Shallus) express permission is given to Shallus to prepare the shell casing in order to make a Veteran Honor Pen. This includes drilling out the primer and inserting a permanent tube into the casing.
  5. If, after the initial determination that a casing may be useable, it is found to be unusable Shallus will refund any money paid for the production of that "would be" pen.

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